A downloadable game for Windows

** V2 now uploaded. No game play changes. Only pre-baked substance files to substantially reduce load times.

Build your fort to escape zombie attacks. Even one bite will end your life. However, you cannot wait around, as you will starve to death. Pick up food (red boxes) before your hunger meter runs out. Survive by waiting for the timer to finish and then escape out the newly opened door to make it to the next level.


Build Mode

  • Click on an object and then place it with your mouse.
  • Use R to rotate an object
  • Use second mouse button to deselect an object
  • Hold middle mouse button and drag screen to move.
  • Press enter to begin

Play Mode

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Pick up food before you starve to death.
  • Avoid zombies
  • Wait for the time to count down and the door will open
  • Escape out the door to live.

Install instructions

Unpackage zip and load application. May take 1 - 2 minutes to load this application as it is not completely optimized yet. Please be patient while it loads.


JammersV2.zip 98 MB

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